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                Part I
       You were out one day at your favorite shop, But you couldn't buy anything because thinks in that shop were much to fragile for children. You sighed and walked out bumping into someone about fourteen. "Pardon me." you looked at them and walked away. 'Shit... Someone took my money. Ugh I recon it was that kid i walked into.' you thought feeling your pockets. You walked into a gate drawn to a beautiful rose garden. It was cold and all you had was a sweater jeans and a scarf. You knelt picking one of the roses "Ouch." you sucked the blood off your finger. "Roses have thorns, I forgot." you thought while peeling the thorns off the rose.

      You fell asleep on a park bench curled up with the rose clutched under your arm.
           {Next Day} You woke up on a bed still curled with the rose. You were still half asleep and you saw a note attached to a mug full of hot liquid "I saw you on the bench. Sorry but I had to get you to shelter. You were pelted with snow." Read the note You looked at your arm which had little dots of wet spots on the sweater. You turned over the note "P.S I made you Some Hot Cocoa." You took the mug and slowly sipped the drink. You out the mug down when it was half empty, You looked at the door of the room and there stood a tall Pink haired man in a long black coat. "Morning." You smiled, he smiled at you and walked to you sitting on the bed next to you. "How old are you?" he looked at you "I might sound crazy but i'm 19. An awful witch made me look 10." you looked at the tall man "Who are you?" you asked him trying to sound as polite as possible "I'm Marluxia." he smiled picking up your rose. You watched him for about ten minutes while he admired the red flower. "I believe you." he looked you up and down. "Thank you." you smiled watching him scoot closer placing a blanket around the two of you. ^Knock knock knock^ someone knocked on the door. "Be right Back." Marluxia smiled. You got up and walked around the circular room. You looked at the note that had fell on the ground that was signed With a '~Marluxia' you smiled. You really like that name. You went downstairs to see Marluxia with a blonde man in the same black coat. They were talking about heartless. You remembered when you encountered one yourself.

             "So how exactly do you break the curse?" he asked you. It had been two weeks and he just asked that. "Well the witch said something in a different language, or she just mumbled but i heard her say 'Find the one that truly loves you'" you mimicked her voice in a common witch voice. "Well first why don't we get you some clean clothes." he offered politely, He hasn't even asked your name and he wanted to get you clothes.

          <4 Months Later>
      "Hey (Y/N)!" Marluxia called "I think i can break the curse!" running to you he grabbed you and spun, He gently but quickly took your head and kissed you on the lips. You blushed a deep fiery red and when the kiss ended you ran to the bathroom, when you got out you wrapped yourself in a towel. When Marluxia looked away you noticed practically all you cleavage was showing. "Fixed it." you smiled as he turned around. He blushed a really deep red, as you have dropped the towel on the floor. "I guess it's better." he giggled a bit. Today Marluxia was wearing jeans and a T shirt. He slowly walked over to you, and put his arm around you dragging you into the room. You backed up onto the bed, he had taken his shirt, pants, and under garments, Off. You playfully hid behind a pillow, he sat down next to you, and gently took your chin, and kissed you. You slid your tongue into his mouth and he pulled away, pausing for less then a second he started sucking on your neck. You let out a small moan. He slowly slid inside you. You moaned pushing your hips up. He thrusted deeper and went faster with each thrust. He cupped one of you breasts and started to suck on it. You moaned loudly almost a scream. You arched your back and laid down. He laid down too and you both fell asleep.     <End> ^Hope you like it i might put out a part II
Well It didn't suck that much it was good it also made me blush.Oh welcome to DA :D
TinyLatvia Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Professional Artist
Sorry If its Sucky
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